The bee, the hive and the artist

FrançaisSitting amongst my hives, surrounded by bees, on a beautiful summer’s day.
I am fascinated by what I see .

abeille1Their constant toing and froing, activity and communication. Some of them guard the entrance to the hive, only letting  in members of the colony.

The foragers are at work. Some of them are bursting with  nectar, others  with water. Some of them use their back  legs to carry pollen , others to carry propolis.

Since the dawn of time.

What a dance !  What music !

In their midst I don’t disturb them. They must sense my admiration for them. They accept me. I know that they are just as busy inside the hive. They hand over their harvest, they clean up, they feed the young larvae , they construct new honeycomb …..what artists !

That’s how I had the idea of associating these virtuosos with artists.

Artists who will dedicate their talent to them.

The aim of this site is to present the works created to house these fabulous creatures.

The artists, both professional and amateur, come from all backgrounds, painter, visual artist, engraver, landscape gardener, decorator. All of them are totally engaged with the project. Eaabeille2ch production is the expression of the artist’s travels, adventures,  encounters and passions. The artistic phase is preceded by a phase of exploration where we discuss, exchange ideas, visit apiaries,open hives and admire the bee dance.

How do we perceive this small animal which is always wild and impossible to tame ?

The bee fills us with wonder , astonishes us, entrances us …….but today it is endangered. Many factors weaken it. It is our duty to protect it.

The artists pay homage to it.

Here are their hives  !




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